6J13 Manganin Shunt Resistor
6J13 Manganin Shunt Resistor

6J13 Manganin Shunt Resistor

Manganin is kind of copper-manganese-nickel (CuMnNi) alloy for use at room temperature. The alloy is characterized by very low thermal electromotive force (emf) compared to copper. Because of its moderate price and low TCR value, 6J13 is the model of manganin most widely used in China. With more than 15 years experience, Xianyu developed many manganin shunts of different structures and shapes. Based on the technical of high-power electron beam welding, we can provide EBW manganin shunts with very low resistance tolerance and good price for large-scale production.


  • Resistance 150μΩ±5%, rated power 1.5W
  • Max current 100A, weight 15.1g
  • 2.0mm manganin & 1.5mm copper brazed
  • Connect distance 57 mm, 10mm wide copper lugs


Part NumberSC100-15A
Description6J13 Manganin Shunt Resistor
MaterialT2 Copper, 6J13 Manganin
FinishDegreasing and Anti-tarnishing Treatment
Welding MethodSpot Welding
Resistance Value150 μΩ (0.15 mΩ)
Resistance Tolerance± 5 %
Temperature Coefficient± 40 ppm/K
Current Rating100 A
Rated Power1.5 W (70 °C)
Power Loss< 50 mW
Operating Temperature:-40 ~ +70 °C
Wire GaugePVC 24 AWG
Wire LengthTwisted
Thickness2.0/1.5 mm
WeightApprox. 15.1 g
Fix MethodSpot Welding

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6J13 Manganin Shunt Resistor
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