Current Measure Nanocrystalline Core
Current Measure Nanocrystalline Core

Our nanocrystalline core is suitable for different applications of electric current measuring, as it has good linearity and low iron loss over wide-range of frequency. With much lower price than permalloy, Xianyu’s high initial permeability nanocrystalline cores can be used for high sensitivity measurement and current moniter.

As important components of current transducer, our nanocrystalline cores are widely used for current transformers, rectifier transformers, rectifier transformers, flux detectors, pulse transformers, ammeters, modular meters, electrical and electronic testing devices, and so on.

With more than 15 years experience, we can design and manufacture customized cores of excellent magnetic properties. We can make tiny nanocrystalline cores with ID (inner diameter) less than 5mm, or large cores with ID more than 500mm. In order to get different magnetic parameters, we treat these cores by different annealing processes, with or without external magnetic field. Due to our fast prototype technology, we can provide OEM samples within a couple of days.

The most common shape of nanocrystalline core is toroidal or round, as it has nearly no flux leakage and can be easily made by winding the thin ribbon. As we manufactured these tape-wound bushing type cores by automatic winding machine, we can provide low price for qualified products make quick delivery for large scale production. We can also provide nanocrystalline cores with winding coils. The production process of nanocrystalline cores is introduced as below post.

Nanocrystalline Core for Current Measuring


  • Good linearity and temperature stability
  • High permeability and low iron core loss
  • High stacking factor and compact size
  • Suitable for electric current measuring of wide-range frequency
  • Automatic tape winding for large-scale production
  • Customized cores available


  • Precision current transformers
  • Electric current metering
  • Smart grid
  • Electricity meters
  • Electrical measuring instruments
  • Charging stations for e-mobility

Basic Parameters

UsageCurrent Sensing
DescriptionNanocrystalline Core for Current Measuring
MaterialFe-based Nanocrystalline
Material Model1k107
Finish TypePlastic Box / Epoxy Resin Coating
ColorBlack / White / Blue / Green / Red
WeightApprox. 1~10000 g
Core Loss /
AL ValueSpecified by Customers
ApplicationInductors, Transformers
Accept CustomizedYes


Saturation induction (Bs)1.2 THardness (Hv)880
Curie temperature (Tc)570℃Resistance ratio (δ)130 µΩ·cm
Crystalline temperature (Tx)500℃Thickness18~35 µm
Initial permeability(µ0)>12×104Density (ρ)7.2 g/cm3
Saturation magnetostriction (λs)2.0×10-6Stacking factor≥0.80


ModelID (mm)OD (mm)HT (mm)Iron cross
section (cm2)
Mean path
length (cm)
Weight (g)
CE6-10-5A 61050.082.51.3
CE8-13-6A 7.912.76.350.113.22.3
CP9.5-13-5A 9.51350.073.52.3
CE10.8-17.7-8A 10.817.780.2094.488
CR12-18-5A 121850.114.74.1
CE13-16-25A 1316250.284.612.2
CP13-17.8-5A 1317.550.084.84.4
CP14-19-8A 141980.155.27.5
CP16-21-10A 1621100.195.813
CE20-25-25A 2025250.477.126.8
CE22-40-15A 2240151.019.782.7
CP25-32-10A 2532100.268.921.8
CE31-33-25A 3133250.191016.6
CP32-40-15A 3240150.4511.352
CE35-55-28A 3555282.114.1213
CE39-45-12A 3945120.2713.230.4
CE50-56-28A 5056280.6316.675
CE60-68-30A 6068300.920.1129
CE60-68-35A 6068351.0520.1174
CE65-75-30A 6575301.1322177
CE70-80-30A 7080301.1323.6190
CP113-119-10A 113119100.2336.486
CE129-146-10A 129146100.6443.2198.5
CP130-142-8A 13014280.3642.7150
C-1A /////1~10000
C-1B /////1~10000
C-1C /////1~10000
Current Measure Nanocrystalline Core
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