Customized Small Current Transformer

Customized Small Current Transformer

For small or mini current transformers, we can provide many options for customers to specifiy, from design to pilot run or large-scale production stage. We choose different kinds of soft magnetic cores to achieve required parameters, such as amplitude error and phase angle error. We provide different kinds encapsulations or finish types, and the primary wire shunts can be integrated. Removable or built-in busbar make the current transformer can be fixed easily by screwing. According to the secondary connecting, we can make lead wire type with tinned end or connector end, or PCB mounting current transformer.


  • 50(90)A/20mA, Rb=10Ω/2.7Ω
  • 0.1mm enamel wire 2500 turns
  • Max current 90A, 0.1 class
  • ID 8.6(min), OD 21.6(max), thickness 9.4(max)
  • Assist in custom design and provide free samples


Part NumberMW90-25A
DescriptionCustomized Small Current Transformer
Structure Of WindingToroidal
PhaseSingle, Three
Input / Output50(90)A/20mA
Max. Current90 A
Turns Ratio (typical)1:2500
Burden (Rb)10 Ω @ 50 A, 2.7 Ω @ 90 A
Accuracy Class0.1 Class
Core InsideNanocrystalline Core
AL Value> 40 μH @1 kHz, 0.3 V
EncapsulationWinding Coil
Busbar TypeNone
Mounting MethodThrough Hole
ApplicationMeters, Instruments
Accept CustomizedYes


MW90-25A, Customized Small Current Transformer
MW90-25A, Customized Small Current Transformer

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Customized Small Current Transformer
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