Due to our welding technology, we can integrate the EBW shunt plate with the multi strand cable and copper lug.

EBW Shunt Cable
EBW Shunt Cable

EBW Shunt Cable


  • High accuarcy, resistance tolerance <±5%
  • T2 Copper, 6J13 Manganin
  • Temperature coefficient as low as 40 ppm/K
  • No visible welds, smooth surface
  • Multi strand wires’ length and gauge specified by customers
  • Power loss less than 50mW


  • Electrical measuring instruments
  • Electrical protective devices
  • Current sensing modules
  • Automatic control system


Part NumberSP40-50ASP50-50A
DescriptionEBW Shunt CableEBW Shunt Cable
MaterialT2, 6J13T2, 6J13
Resistance Value500 μΩ (0.5 mΩ)500 μΩ (0.5 mΩ)
Resistance Tolerance± 5%± 5%
Temperature Coefficient (TCR)±40ppm/K±40ppm/K
Current Rating40 A50 A
Rated Power0.8 W (70 °C)1.3 W (70 °C)
Power Loss< 50 mW< 50 mW
Ambient Temperature-40°C~70°C-40°C~70°C
Primary Wire4 mm25 mm2
Sampling WiresAWG 24, 115mm90~95mm
Fix methodThrough-holeThrough-hole
Thickness1.2(1.6) mm1.13(1.5) mm
WeightApprox. 4.6 gApprox. 5 g


SP40-50A, Dimensions of EBW Shunt Cable
SP40-50A, Dimensions of EBW Shunt Cable

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EBW Shunt Cable
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