Manganin Plate Current-Shunt Resistor
Manganin Plate Current-Shunt Resistor

Manganin Plate Current-Shunt Resistor

As a typical precision alloy, manganin consists of 12% manganese, 4% nickel, and copper as balance. The most widely used models of manganin for shunts are 6J13 and 6J12. As its low thermal electromotive force (emf) and low TCR value, manganin shunt is widely used in energy meters, battery management systems, Wheatstone bridges and so on. We can also make C shape shunt resistors by brazing the pure manganin plate with copper lugs or brass blocks, which is more convenient for customers to install them.

For AC measurement, current transformers which provide safe galvanic separation, can replace manganin shunts, while the cost is higher. With more than 15 years experience, we can design many kinds of pure manganin shunts, as well as many other shunts of different structures and shapes.


  • Resistance 225μΩ±5%, rated power 1.4W
  • Suffer electirc current as high as 80A
  • Stamped from 2.0mm thick manganin strip
  • Length 19.8mm, width 8mm, weight 2.7g
  • Serve as semi-finished parts for further processing


Part NumberSE80-23A
DescriptionManganin Plate Current-Shunt Resistor
MaterialT2 Copper, 6J13 Manganin
FinishDegreasing and Anti-tarnishing Treatment
Welding Method/
Resistance Value225 μΩ (0.225 mΩ)
Resistance Tolerance± 5 %
Temperature Coefficient± 40 ppm/K
Current Rating80 A
Rated Power1.4 W (70 °C)
Power Loss< 50 mW
Operating Temperature:-40 ~ +70 °C
Lead Wires/
Thickness2.0 mm
WeightApprox. 2.7 g
Fix MethodSpot Welding


Dimensions (mm)LWT

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Manganin Plate Current-Shunt Resistor
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