Mini CT Nanocrystalline Core
Mini CT Nanocrystalline Core

Nanocrystalline core has the advantage of good linearity and stable temperature characteristics, which make it suitable for miniature current transformer.

As our nanocrystalline cores have high permeability and low iron loss, they can replace silicon steel and used as zero phase CT core.

For DC immune current transformers, we can provide the composite core which consists of nanocrystalline and amorphous with plastic case.

Usually the finished mini nanocrystalline cores are protected by epoxy resin coating of plastic cases, both are strong enough for direct winding. But we can also provide other types of encapsulations, such as epoxy harden with crepe paper wrapping or insulation tap wrapping, aluminum box, stainless steel case, and so on.

With more than 15 years’ experience, we can manufacture customized nanocrystalline cores of wide-range dimensions and different magentic property requirements, which can be used for various miniature current transformers of different accuracy class. Due to our quick prototype technology, we can provide samples within a couple of days.

Mini CT Nanocrystalline Core


  • High permeability and low iron core loss
  • Good linearity over the whole range of primary current
  • Very low temperature drift, good stability
  • Suitable for mini current transformer of different accuracy class
  • Nanocrystalline cores with epoxy resin coating or plastic cases
  • Quick prototype development and sampling
  • Customized cores available for wide-range dimensions
  • Different encapsulations from plastic box to epoxy coating


  • Miniature current transformers
  • Electricity meters
  • Smart metering
  • Electric current sensing
  • Circuit control and protection


StructureToroidal Tape Wound Core
UsageCurrent Sensing
DescriptionMini CT Nanocrystalline Core
MaterialIron-based Nanocrystalline Thin Ribbon
Material Model1k107
Finish TypeEpoxy Resin Coating / Plastic Case
ColorGreen / Black / Blue / Green
WeightApprox. 2~300 g
Core Loss/
AL ValueSpecified by Customers
ApplicationMiniature Current Transformers
Accept CustomizedYes
Mini CT Nanocrystalline Core
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