Nanocrystalline Oval Core
Nanocrystalline Oval Core

Nanocrystalline Oval Core


  • Racetrack shape solid loop, easy to fix the coils
  • ID=241*60mm, OD=257*76mm, H=10mm
  • Le: 57.56cm, Ac: 0.64cm2, Weight: 330g
  • Exciting voltage>90 μV@50 Hz/30 mA
  • Suitable for transformers, inverters, power system components


Part NumberCPL233-60-8-10A
DescriptionNanocrystalline Oval Core
StructureOval or Racktrack
Material1k107 Nanocrystalline 10mm Ribbon
Finish TypePBT Plastic Box
Saturation Magnetic Induction (Bs)1.25 T
Crystallization Temperature (Tx)500 °C
Curie Temperature (Tc)570 °C
Density (ρ)7.20 g/cm3
Resistivity130 μΩ.cm
Filling Coefficient≥ 0.75
Mean Magnetic Path (Le)57.56 cm
Net Area (Ac)0.64 cm2
Exciting Voltage> 90 μV
Test ConditionsN1:N2 = 1:1, Exciting Current = 50 Hz / 30 mA
WeightApprox. 330 g
Accept CustomizedYes


CPL233-60-8-10A, Nanocrystalline Oval Core
CPL233-60-8-10A, Nanocrystalline Oval Core
Dimensions (mm)L1L2W1W2H
Nominal Size257±1.0241±1.076±0.560±0.510±0.2
Finish Size263±0.8236±0.882±0.555±0.520±0.5
Nanocrystalline Oval Core
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