PCB Mount EB Weld Shunt
PCB Mount EB Weld Shunt

PCB Mount EB Weld Shunt

Our special designed EB (electron beam) weld shunt resistor can be easily mounted on the PCB. The mount points pass the secondary current, which is proportional to the primary current, similar to the function of a mini current transformer. For different applications, the PCB mount points can be replaced by lead wires. Due to our high power electron beam welding and high-speed stamping technology, we can manufacture EBW manganin shunt resistors of wide-range rated current and make quick delivery for large-scale production. We can also design customized shunt of complicated structures and provide samples within a couple of days.


  • Resistance 250μΩ±5%, rated power 0.2W
  • Max primary current 30A, single through-hole
  • Stamped from 0.8mm EBW strip
  • Total length 50.2mm, weight 3.5g
  • 3 sampling points for PCB mouting


Part NumberSE30-25A
DescriptionPCB Mount EB Weld Shunt
MaterialT2 Copper, 6J13 Manganin
FinishDegreasing and Anti-tarnishing Treatment (Silver Plating as Optional)
Welding MethodEB (Electron Beam) Weld
Resistance Value250 μΩ (0.25 mΩ)
Resistance Tolerance± 5 %
Temperature Coefficient± 40 ppm/K
Current Rating30 A
Rated Power0.2 W (70 °C)
Power Loss< 50 mW
Operating Temperature:-40 ~ +70 °C
Lead Wires/
Thickness0.8 mm
WeightApprox. 3.5 g
Fix MethodPost & Groove Screwing

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PCB Mount EB Weld Shunt
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