PCB Mount Toroidal Current Transformer

The hole of PCB mount current transformer makes the primary wire can be easily put through. Our current transformers are manufactured by high grade composite cores or nanocrystalline cores, and the accuracy class can be as high as 0.05 class. We can also manufacture customized PCB mount current transformer with a variety of turns ratio and good linearity over a wide-range of primary current.


  • 5(40)A/2.5mA, Rb=50Ω, turns ratio 1:2000
  • Max current 40A, phase angle error≤15′
  • Holes Φ7.5mm, height 24.3mm on PCB
  • Pitch 14.8(18.8)mm, mounting area 23*12.5mm


Part NumberMC40-20D
DescriptionPCB Mount Toroidal Current Transformer
Rated Input Current5 A
Rated Output Current2.5 mA
Turns Ratio2000:1
Phase Angle Error≤15′  ( Input = 5A, Resistance = 50Ω)
Linearity Range0 ~ 40 A  ( Resistance = 50Ω)
Linearity≤0.1% (5%~120%Position)
Permissible Error-0.2%≤ f ≤+0.2% (Input=5A, Resistance = 50Ω)
Insulation Voltage4500 V
ApplicationPrecise measurement of current and power
Encapsulation MaterialEpoxy resin
Installation MethodPCB mounting ( Pins length > 3mm )
Operating Temperature-40°C ~ 85°C


MC40-20D, PCB Mount Toroidal Current Transformer
MC40-20D, Left: MAIN VIEW, Right: BOTTOM VIEW, * is same polarity

Schematic Circuit

MC40-20D, PCB Mount Toroidal Current Transformer
U=(I/2000)*R, I – input current, R – sampling resistor, U – sampling voltage

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PCB Mount Toroidal Current Transformer
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