Pure Copper Current Bar
Pure Copper Current Bar

We provide customized current bar punched from pure copper strip by high-speed stamping machines. The thickness of these copper parts range from 0.4mm to 5.0mm, while shunt resistors of similar structure are also available. The current bar, or copper plate, can be used in circuit of different kinds of applications. Some of these parts can integrated with current transformers or latching relays. Due to our quick prototype technical, we can provide samples within a couple of days.

Pure Copper Current Bar


  • Current rating 40A
  • Stamped from 1.0mm thick T2 copper plate
  • Hole size 2-Φ3.2mm, 6-Φ1.7mm, connect distance 6/10.2mm
  • Length 192mm, width 54mm, weight 25g
  • 6 sampling points for PCB mounting


Part NumberSN40A
DescriptionPure Copper Current Bar
TypeMetal Stamped Parts
TechnologyPrecision Stamping
MaterialT2 Copper
FinishTin Plating
Current Rating40 A
Rated Power< 2.0 W
Operating Temperature:-65 ~ +170 °C
Thickness1.0 mm
WeightApprox. 25 g
Accept CustomizedYes

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Pure Copper Current Bar
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