In order to prevent the coronavirus from spreading, we have to postpone our business. Now, the severe situation is under controlled, to some extent. So, our office and factory will reopen from next Monday, i.e, 24th Feb., 2020. The empolyees should put the face mask and wash hands before come back to work. Anybody who have a fever or any other relative symptoms should report to our management as soon as possible.

Our production and shipment will gradually recover. We estimate the products ordered before the Chinese New Year will be finished within 2 weeks. We hope we can achieve our maximum production capacity of amorphous / nanocrystalline cores and manganin shunt resistors within 3 weeks, current transformers and latching relays within 4 weeks. Any customer who need such products, please feel free to send e-mail to directly.

Reopen Notice with Coronavirus Prevention
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