Round Core Current Transformer

Round Core Current Transformer

Round core current transformer has the advantage of very low leakage of magnetic flux, thus is the most popular one. Due to the high permeability nanocrystalline cores or composite cores, our mini current transformers have compact size and very low phase angle error and amplitude error. We can make “I” type or “+” type (cross) hole, which is very convenient, if the customers want to integrate the CT with a latching relay. We can also provide split current transformer, which can measure the electric current without disconnecting the circuit.


  • 40(400)A/8mA, Rb=27Ω, turns ratio 1:5000
  • Max current 400A, accuracy 0.1 class
  • Big through-hole, ID Φ42mm, OD Φ72mm, HT 24.5mm


Part NumberDT400-50A
DescriptionRound Core Current Transformer
Structure Of WindingToroidal
Input / Output40(400)A/8mA
Max. Current400 A
Turns Ratio (typical)1:5000
Phase Shift Error5′ (20% Rated Current)
Burden (Rb)27 Ω
Accuracy Class0.1 Class
Core InsideNanocrystalline & Amorphous Dual Core
EncapsulationPlastic Case Filled with Epoxy Resin
Busbar TypeNone
Mounting MethodLead Wires
ApplicationMeters, Instruments
Accept CustomizedYes


DT400-50A, Round Core Current Transformer
DT400-50A, Round Core Current Transformer

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Round Core Current Transformer
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