The metal plates of EBW shunt resistors are manufactured by precision stamping dies. One typical model has one through-hole for mounting and three teeth for welding lead wires. The plates, which serve as semi-finished products, can be integrated with multi-strand wires in customers’ plants. The resistance value, rated power can be specified by customers from a wide range.

Semi-finished EBW Shunt Resistor

Semi-finished EBW Shunt Resistor
Semi-finished EBW Shunt Resistor


  • High accuracy, resistance tolerance <±5%
  • T2 Copper, 6J13 Manganin
  • Temperature coefficient as low as 40 ppm
  • Electron beam welding with no visible welds
  • Resistance value 100% tested by precision micro ohm meters


  • Single/three-phase energy meters
  • Meter reading systems
  • Electrical test devices
  • Current sensing module

Product Display

Left: SE40-50A; Middle: SE40-50B; Right: SE40-50C


Part NumberSE40-50ASE40-50BSE40-50C
Resistance Value500 μΩ500 μΩ500 μΩ
Resistance Tolerance± 5%± 5%± 5%
MaterialT2, 6J13T2, 6J13T2, 6J13
Temperature Coefficient (TCR)± 40 ppm/K± 40 ppm/K± 40 ppm/K
Current Rating40 A40 A40 A
Rated Power (70°C)0.8 W0.8 W0.8 W
Power Loss< 50 mW< 50 mW< 50 mW
Ambient Temperature -40°C ~70°C-40°C ~70°C-40°C ~70°C
Wire Gauge ///
Wire Length ///
Thickness1.13 mm1.2 mm1.13 mm
WeightApprox. 2.4 gApprox. 1.75 gApprox. 2.35 g
Fix methodThrough-holeThrough-holeThrough-hole


SE40-50A, Semi-finished EBW Shunt Resistor
SE40-50B, Semi-finished EBW Shunt Resistor
SE40-50C, Semi-finished EBW Shunt Resistor

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Semi-finished EBW Shunt Resistor
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