Switch Mode Power Supply Nanocrystalline Core
Switch Mode Power Supply Nanocrystalline Core

The transformers in switch mode power supply (SMPS) are important components, which require low iron core loss. Xianyu’s nanocrystalline cores have high premeability and low coercivity, as we wind them by very thin ribbon, about 0.018~0.025mm. Accoring to different method of annealing process, we can get different Br/Bs ratio, range from 0.2 to 0.85. The normal encapsulation is plastic case or epoxy resin coating, both are suitable for direct winding.

Switch Mode Power Supply Nanocrystalline Core


  • High permeability and low iron loss under medium-high frequency
  • A wide-range of switch mode power supply suitable
  • Extreme thin ribbon wound by automatic machines
  • Nanocrystalline core with epoxy resin coating or plastic case
  • High stacking factor, compact size
  • Customized core available for wide-range dimensions

Basic Parameters

Saturation induction (Bs)1.25 THardness (Hv)880
Curie temperature (Tc)570℃Resistance ratio (δ)130 µΩ·cm
Crystalline temperature (Tx)500℃Thickness28~35 µm
Initial permeability(µ0)>12×104Density (ρ)7.2 g/cm3
Saturation magnetostriction (λs)2.0×10-6Stacking factor≥0.75


StructureToroidal Solid Loop
UsagePower Supply
DescriptionSwitch Mode Power Supply Nanocrystalline Core
MaterialFe-based Nanocrystalline 1k107
Finish TypePlastic Box, Epoxy Resin Coating
Weight2~200 g
AL ValueSpeicified by Customers
ApplicationSMPS (Swithed Mode Power Supply)
Accept CustomizedYes
Switch Mode Power Supply Nanocrystalline Core
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