Terminal Block Manganin Shunt
Terminal Block Manganin Shunt

Manganin shunt with terminal blocks can be easily fixed inside an electric energy meter or other devices. A terminal block, made by brass, is usually contain one blind hole for connecting the primary wire and two or more screw holes for fix in the device’s outcase. Xianyu terminal block manganin shunts have very low temperature coefficient and resistance tolerance. We manufacture the brass block by automatic drilling machines, which are very suitable for large-scale production. For some applications, the terminal block shunt can be replaced by C type shunt, which can also be assembled in the device’s outcase very easily. We can also provide the EBW manganin shunt without the brass blocks as semi-products for customers.

Terminal Block Manganin Shunt


  • High accuarcy, resistance tolerance <±3%
  • T2 Copper, 6J13 / 6J12 Manganin, H62 / H59 Brass
  • Temperature coefficient as low as 40 / 20 ppm/K
  • Wide-range resistance value available
  • Brass block automatic drilling and cutting
  • No visible welds, smooth surface
  • 100% tested by high precision micro ohm meters


  • Electrical measuring instruments
  • Electrical protective devices
  • Current sensing modules
  • Automatic control system


DescriptionTerminal Block Manganin Shunt
TypeFixed Resistor
TechnologyMetal Alloy
Assembly TypeScrewing
Material6J13/6J12 Manganin, H62/H59 Brass, T2 Copper,
FinishDegreasing and anti-tarnishing Treatment, Nickel/Silver/Tin Plating
Welding MethodEBW (Electron Beam Welding), Spot Welding
Resistance Value20~1500 μΩ
Resistance Tolerance±3%, ±5%
Temperature Coefficient±20ppm/K, ±40ppm/K
Current Rating10~200 A
Rated Power0.3~3.6 W
Operating Temperature:-65~+170℃
WeightApprox. 1~300 g
Accept CustomizedYes

Basic Parameters

Terminal Block Shunt Resistor
Terminal Block Shunt Resistor
Model (Part Number)Resistance (μΩ)Current Rating (A)Mounting Hole (mm)Length (Dist.) (mm)Thickness (mm)Weight (g)
ST100-15A 1501002-Φ8 (4-M6)68.3 (57.4)2.0/1.560.2
ST100-20A 2001002-Φ8.2 (4-M6)80 (69)2.052
ST80-30A 300802-Φ7.3 (4-M5)29.5 (19.5)1.054.5
ST-1 50~150010~200Φ1.5~1210~2000.5~3.01~200
ST-2 50~150010~200Φ1.5~1210~2000.5~3.01~200

The above data are selected from some popular models we produce. Please contact us for detail datasheet. We can also design some special terminal block shunt resistors to meet customers’ requirements.

Terminal Block Manganin Shunt