Toroidal Core Current Transformer

Toroidal core current transformer has the advantage of very low leakage of magnetic flux, thus is the most popular one. Our mini current transformers have compact size and very low phase shift and current error. We can also provide split current transformers, which are convenient in many circumstances.


  • 5(60)A/2mA, Rb=10Ω, turns ratio 1:2500
  • Max current 60A, accuracy 0.1 class
  • Insulation tape & heat-shrink sleeve double protected
  • ID Φ10.5mm, OD Φ31mm, H 14.5mm
  • Phase shift error <5′ (at 20% rated current)


Part NumberMS60-25A
DescriptionToroidal Core Current Transformer
Structure Of WindingToroidal
Input / Output5(60)A/2mA
Max. Current60 A
Turns Ratio (typical)1:2500
Burden (Rb)10 Ω
Accuracy Class0.1 Class
Phase Shift Error5′ (20% Rated Current)
Core InsideNanocrystalline Core
EncapsulationDouble Insulation
Busbar TypeNone
Mounting MethodThrough Hole
ApplicationMeters, Instruments
Accept CustomizedYes

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Toroidal Core Current Transformer
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