Toroidal Nanocrystalline Core
Toroidal Nanocrystalline Core

Toroidal Nanocrystalline Core

Toroidal, or ring type is the most popular shape of nanocrystalline core, which is wound by very thin ribbon. The manufacturing process of such cores is simple, as no toolings or jigs are required during the heat-treatment process. And the toroidal nanocrystalline cores have another advantage, i.e, the leak flux of ring coil is very low. So, it had a wide range of applications, from switch mode power supply (SMPS) to power system. Of course, we can provide special shape nanocrystalline cores, such as rectangular cores, oval cores, split cores, and so on.


  • ID=60mm, OD=100mm, H=30mm (nominal)
  • Le: 25.12cm, Ac: 4.5cm2, weight: 977g
  • AL value ≥263μH@1kHz/0.3V


Part NumberCA60-100-30A
DescriptionToroidal Nanocrystalline Core
MaterialFe-based 1k107 Nanocrystalline
Finish TypeAluminum Box
Saturation Magnetic Induction (Bs)1.25 T
Crystallization Temperature (Tx)500 °C
Curie Temperature (Tc)570 °C
Density (ρ)7.20 g/cm3
Resistivity130 μΩ.cm
Filling Coefficient≥ 0.75
Mean Magnetic Path (Le)25.12 cm
Net Area (Ac)4.5 cm2
AL Value≥ 263 μH
Test Conditions1 kHz / 0.3 V @ 1Ts
WeightApprox. 977 g
Accept CustomizedYes


CA60-100-30A, Toroidal Nanocrystalline Core
CA60-100-30A, Toroidal Nanocrystalline Core
Dimensions (mm)IDODH
Nominal Size60±0.5100±0.530±0.2
Finish Size55±1.5105±2.035±2.0

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Toroidal Nanocrystalline Core
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