Tranditional zero phase CT (current transformer) is made of silicon steel core, which has high saturation induction and high iron loss. Xianyu nanocrystalline core have high permeability and low core loss under high frequency. We provide can nanocrystalline cores with plastic cases or epoxy resin coating, both are suitable for direct coil winding.

Nanocrystalline Core for Zero Phase CT


  • Suitable for different accuracy class zero phase CT
  • High permeability and low iron loss under high frequency
  • Good linearity and stable temperature stability
  • Nanocrystalline core with epoxy resin coating or plastic case
  • Large-scale production for customized cores


Structure Toroidal
Usage Current Sensing
Description Nanocrystalline Core for Zero Phase CT
Material Nanocrystalline Ribbon
Material Model 1k107
Finish Type Epoxy Resin Coating / Plastic Case
Color Green / Black / White
Weight Approx. 5~200 g
Core Loss /
AL Value Specified by Customers
Application Inductors & Transformers
Certificate RoHS
Accept Customized Yes
Zero Phase CT Nanocrystalline Core