Zero Phase Current Transformer
Zero Phase Current Transformer

Zero phase (zero-sequence) current transformers (ZCT), or CRGO CTs are widely used in circuit leakage current protection such as residual current circuit breakers, leakage current protection switch and so on. When the input line and loop current are not equal, e.g., neutral line is disconnected, power supply for electric energy meter is generated by secondary winding. So, it can achieve the purpose of electricity theft prevention.

Zero phase CT can also be used for current sensing or circuit contorl. It will provide constant voltage when input the current for one or more turns. We can design and manufacture customized zero phase current transformer with required parameters.

Zero Phase Current Transformer


  • Variety kinds of encapsulation
  • High linearity over the whole current range
  • Minimum output voltage tolerance
  • Meet the standard IEC 60044-3, JB/T10665


  • Electrical measuring instruments
  • Electrical protective devices
  • Current sensing modules
  • Current metering
  • Composite meter
  • Panel meter
  • Switch mode power supply (SMPS)

Basic Parameters

Zero Phase Current Transformer
Model (Part Number)Input/OutputTurns RatioID(Hole) (mm)OD(Dist.) (mm)HT (mm)

The above data are selected from some popular models we produce. Please contact us for detail datasheet. We can also design some special current transformers to meet customers’ requirements.

Zero Phase Current Transformer